Learn The Facts About Balloons

The Lift Your Spirits team works to use balloons responsibly, in a way that doesn’t hurt the environment or public safety. Learn the facts about responsible balloon usage.

Our concern about the environmental impact of balloons is not a new developement: Last year we announced that we no longer do outdoor balloon releases due to a helium shortage as well as the environmental impact of releasing latex, mylar or foil balloons into the air. We have also warned against cheap counterfeit balloons that could be made of lower quality materials.

We want to make sure everyone knows the facts about balloons. We encourage you to visit BalloonFacts.org for more information including:

Lift Your Spirits uses biodegradable latex balloons and offers non-helium alternatives for our sculptures, gifts and other creations. Don’t hesitate to ask us for more information when you call about your next order: 956-467-1922.